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Justin C. Halstead

Career Profile

Software developer with 17 years of experience working for mid-sized privately held companies implementing Information Technology solutions in the Aerospace and Government sectors. Managing all aspects of the development process while building and optimizing software solutions ranging from small in house projects to projects consisting of one million plus lines of code.

Core competencies include: Microsoft .NET languages, database languages, C++, Java, Microsoft Visual Studio.

Career Highlights

  • Responsible for direct support of the US NAVY TACAMO Weapons System Trainer (WST) device at Tinker Air Force Base. Instrumental in the upgrades and fixes to the trainer that have kept it at 100% ready for training for the US NAVY.
  • Responsible for direct support of the Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB), Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC), and Service Integration And Management (SIAM) software projects used by The Boeing Company.

Professional Experience

Long Wave, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK [2010-Present]

QRM Software Engineer (05/2015-Present)
Develop, maintain, and support the E-6B Weapon System Trainer (WST) at Tinker Air Force Base using C++ and Java. Responsible for entire scope of WST project from gathering customer requirements, analyzing code for system testing and debugging, executing acceptance tests, maintaining documentation updates, and implementing hardware updates.

  • Maintaining and enhancing a distributed COM-based training system consisting of a code base of more than a million lines of C++ code running across two environments consisting of two servers and 50+ workstations using iSCSI virtual disks to distribute interactive graphic applications to train US NAVY student personnel.
  • Performing server/workstation Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) scans and ensure compliance with DoD policies and regulations based on SCAP tool results.
  • Completing Technical Engineering Change Requests (TECR), at a rate far beyond expectations with a 99% acceptance ratio.
  • Updating technical documentation as required due to the ongoing updates and changes to the WST system.

Software Analyst (12/2010-05/2015)
Develop, maintain, and support application programs for The Boeing Company and Tinker Air Force Base using VB.NET, C#, C++, and ASP.NET.

  • Maintained and enhanced software projects IPB, IPC, and SIAM used by The Boeing Company, using Microsoft .NET languages (VB.NET/C#/ASP.NET), to handle Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) publications.
  • Collaborated on a team that, using C++, implemented CryptoMod update to the WST installation at Tinker Air Force Base. Taking full responsibility for version control and code integration between three developers. Along with playing an integral role in testing and customer acceptance.

Hebco, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK [2007-2010]

Program Analyst (01/2007-01/2010)
Develop, maintain, and support application programs for administrative systems using Arbortext and Omnimark.

  • Created plug-ins for Arbortext using ACL typesetting, based on custom requests, for use in SGML IETM publishing to Postscript and PDF documents.
  • Created high-performance content processing data filters using Omnimark 5.3, based on custom request, enabling the manipulation of SGML IETM input data.

Docsoft, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK [2002-2006]

Program Analyst (12/2002-12/2006)
Develop, maintain, and support application programs for The Boeing Company using VB.NET, C#, XSLTs and related technologies.

  • Maintained and enhanced software, used by The Boeing Company’s B-52 and KC-135 programs, using XML related technologies (XML/DTD/XSL/XSLT), to handle Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) publications.
  • Created translations to print, web, and PDF using XSLFO based on custom request.

Skills Profile

Technical skills include: Microsoft .NET languages (VB.NET/C#/ASP.NET), database languages (MSSQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL), C++, Java, XML related technologies (XML/XSL/XSLFO/XSLT/XSD/DTD), freelance web design (HTML/CSS/PHP/Apache/IIS), Omnimark 5.3, Arbortext ACL Plugins, Microsoft Visual Studio (2003/2010/2012), Linux (Arch/Debian/RedHat) and Windows (XP/7/10) systems.

Certifications and Education

CompTIA A+ Certification, Network+ Certification, Security+ Certification, CSIS Specialist
Renewal: August 2023.

Southern New Hampshire University
      AS.ITE, AS Information Technologies - Completed: 2016.